Our Text-A-Taxi service makes booking a taxi easier and more convenient than ever. Simply pre-register your mobile phone number with 35 Taxis on 01482 353535 together with details of your 10 most popular locations which will be added to a database along with your mobile number all you then need to do to book a Taxis is text us on 07810 353535 with one of your location words and the time you require the taxi I.e. 1500 hour and your taxi is booked and on its way…


Advantages of using Text-A-Taxi

  • Priority status on all Text-A-Taxi bookings
  • Select any number of pick up locations
  • Simplest and fastest booking system available
  • Free to register and set up

Using Text-A-Taxi is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to book your journey. Just text one of your location keywords to 07810 353535 and 35 Taxis’ automated booking and response system does the rest. Your booking is confirmed via an SMS text message followed by text notification that your vehicle has been dispatched. You’ll receive a confirmation text as your car is arriving.

All Text-A-Taxi bookings are given priority status and when combined with Hull’s largest fleet of private hire vehicles this means that Text-A-Taxi customers can be assured of the fastest and most reliable response possible.


Sign-up for Text-A-Taxi:

Our TEXT-A-TAXI Service is a brilliantly simple way to book a 35 Taxi

PICK UP POINTS - with Keywords i.e Home - 123 Town Street, Hull, HU1 1AB

Please write any places you use taxis from in the spaces provided above, keywords first followed by address, keywords must be one word. EXAMPLE: Keyword: MUMS followed by address.