New Taxi App

Our new taxi app is available!

You may be aware we removed our old taxi app as our developers have been working on our new one, which is the most advanced taxi app on the market, and this is now available on google and on the app store (Search 35 TAXIS) or click here.

This is an amazing new app that gives our customers the ability to book a range of vehicles to suite their needs.

The new app also gives the customer the ability to track there car live in real time and has auto location available so the app has also has your location, which makes it easy to book a taxi knowing where you are at all times.  The app also gives you conformation when a taxi is booked and option to cancel and also stores your past journeys.

We think the best feature is that when the car arrives, if the customer can not locate the car the car can turn on the camera on their phone and it will direct them to the taxi – amazing!

To book your taxi in Hull and the surrounding areas, please call us on 01482 353535 or download the 35 Taxi app here.